Unity 3D

Centurion Game Development and VR Studio – part of a Ukrainian software development company – offers extensive experience with Unity 3D to build MMO RPG, city-builder strategies, sport genres and multiplayer games.

Custom Unity 3D game development

Our game development studio has a strong background in Unity, a leading global game development software that includes both an engine and an integrated development environment (IDE). Unity is widely used to develop video games for web sites, desktop platforms, consoles, and mobile devices. At Centurion we use it to build virtual environments or create stunning 3D visualizations. Our core Unity development expertise is multiplayer and RPG games. We have created several MMO RPG (including our own title Elements: Epic Heroes), city-builder strategies and sports games using Unity 3D technology. Unity allows us to make cross-platform game development easier and faster due to a number of ready-made solutions for various integrations and assets available for this technology. Our services include: