Dedicated Development Team

Centurion builds  dedicated development teams  and  R&D centers  for global companies. We help enterprises like Lebara, Gogo, and RateSetter scale development capacity, tap into new expertise, and implement  digital transformations .

How we can help

Centurion hosts dedicated development centers for global companies that operate in multiple industries. We help businesses  boost  development  capacity ,  scale operations , and seamlessly  adopt  emerging  technologies . Each Centurion development center in Eastern Europe serves as a genuine  extension of the client’s team . With in-house software experts in cornerstone technologies including Java, .NET, cloud, mobile, and big data, we can quickly launch an extended team for a project of any size. Additionally, we offer market-leading expertise in disruptive technologies such as blockchain, VR, AI, and more.


Scale development capabilities

Centurion builds and hosts dedicated development teams of 5 to 200 experts. We help you quickly scale development teams when necessary resources are scarce in your local markets. A strong team of in-house software engineers enables us to launch a dedicated development center in a matter of weeks.

Get access to North American and Eastern European talents

As one of the leading software development companies in the regions, we effortlessly attract top experts in any given technology or expertise.

Tap into new expertise

A dedicated development centers in North America and Eastern Europe allows you to tap into unique expertise that is not freely available in-house. Centurion hosts over 800 software engineers who create innovative solutions for global companies and help enterprises implement technology transformations.

How it works


Discovery and business analysis

Our delivery manager and the lead technical expert analyze client’s business objectives, project requirements, and technical details. A delivery manager is a key contact at Centurion, who is responsible for service excellence during all stages of our cooperation. He or she sets up agile processes necessary for a geographically distributed team.

Core team setup

During the setup stage, Centurion forms a core team of professionals who take the leading roles in the new extended team. We have vast in-house development resources so that we can launch a new project in a matter of weeks. Additionally, Centurion uses effective talent allocation strategies to attract the best software engineers in Ukraine and other Eastern European markets.

Integration and knowledge sharing

The core team starts with knowledge sharing activities and software architecture design. We adopt the client’s development methodology, establish effective collaboration, and expand the team with additional members. Centurion encourages onsite visits of client’s teams to our location (and vice versa). This way we ensure even more efficient communication and knowledge sharing.

Operation and ongoing support

At this stage, the dedicated team is up and running and fully integrated into the client’s environment. We initiate main project development activities and provide ongoing process support and maintenance. Centurion delivery manager works closely with the client and the extended team members to ensure smooth integration of the development center.

Why us

High degree of loyalty

Centurion helps clients build team loyalty and maintain a high level of motivation at every step of our cooperation. We make sure outsourced developers at Centurion fuse nicely with your internal team. In many cases, the retention rates of Centurion dedicated teams are well over 90%. This helps us retain the knowledge about your product and sustain effective collaboration.

Technology and domain expertise

Centurion offers diverse services in software development and technology consulting. The necessary domain experience, broad technical know-how, and a quality-driven delivery model allow us to create truly innovative solutions. Our software development company has massive experience in development of fintech products, business intelligence solutions, complex web and mobile applications, high-load systems, embedded software, big data, and data science solutions.

Quick and easy start

We have a solid core of software engineers ready to launch an extended team in a matter of weeks. Additionally, we recruit the best engineering talent available in Eastern Europe. These three countries host the majority of Eastern Europe’s skilled software developers, so we can quickly build a dedicated team of IT professionals for a project of any size.
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