Digital Transformation

Centurion helps global companies implement end-to-end digital transformations . We plan necessary steps and assemble a dedicated development team that delivers innovative solutions and great digital experiences.

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Businesses across industries face increasing technological competition. Naturally, they respond by rethinking their digital strategies and adopting new technologies. Centurion nearshore and offshore development teams help companies efficiently switch to digital rails and fill in any existing and future technological gaps. Our analysts and engineers ensure digital transformation creates tangible business results, such as reduced costs, increased revenues, and better customer engagement. At Centurion, we provide extended teams and full-scale development centers to drive digital transformation strategies of our clients.


Robust digital platforms

We help enterprises modernize aging software infrastructures, add new services, and integrate innovative third-party solutions. Centurion offers a sizable engineering talent pool for businesses that want to use digital to its full potential. Our software engineers and consultants build robust and efficient digital platforms, as well as lightweight and intuitive apps.

Vast experience with large projects

Nearshore and offshore software development centers in Eastern Europe can handle digital transformations of any scope. Over a hundred experts are part of the dedicated development team that collaborates with a British MVNO Lebara. Our engineers are fully involved with the company’s digitization process creating superior software solutions and boosting digital experiences.

Diverse technological stack

Vast engineering expertise of Centurion teams is the best proof of our digital transformation capabilities. We extensively use the latest technologies such as Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, AI, Virtual Reality, IoT, blockchain, and more. Centurion experts will help you cut through the marketing noise and target only solutions that bring genuine value to your business operations.

How it works

Discovery and analysis

Centurion professionals run a series of discovery sessions to grasp your business operations and identify the necessary technological shifts. Our senior engineers and consultants work closely with your team to analyze existing legacy systems and establish the requirements for the transformation initiative.

Digital transformation roadmap

Clear digital transformation roadmap is essential for any significant change campaign. Our IT specialists develop a comprehensive plan that describes how precisely our technological expertise will align with your business objectives. We set goals, estimates, and milestones.

Data Science and Business Intelligence

As a data-driven organization, Centurion helps clients unlock business potential of their data. We leverage data science, business intelligence, and machine learning to eliminate transformation risks, achieve predictable results, and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Agile transformation, scaling, and support

Tech experts at Centurion transform legacy organizations into agile businesses allowing them to adopt new technologies at a much faster pace. Our teams help clients embrace experimentation and iterative delivery. We also scale extended teams quickly and offer support services for digital solutions.

Full-scale digital transformation: from strategy to implementation

Data-driven transformations with data science, Big Data, and BI

Blockchain technology for robust decentralized applications

Immersive, engaging apps with VR and AR technologies

CCM and ECM solutions for increased effectiveness

Efficient enterprise mobility solutions