Internet of Things Solutions

Centurion extended teams build custom IoT solutions for smart homes, vehicles, personal devices, wearables industrial factories, etc. Our engineers create unique Internet of Things solutions connecting devices, sensors, cloud computing, and advanced analytical tools.

Explore our IoT expertise

Centurion accumulated extensive experience with Internet of Things solutions and services . Our embedded software development teams create IoT systems that boost operational efficiency and cut costs across a wide range of industries. We cooperate with aviation technology, energy, manufacturing, and other companies supporting their data-driven optimizations and digital transformations . For instance, we cooperate with an in-flight internet provider Gogo analyzing the performance of their equipment on the planes . Our dedicated development team uses connectivity, sensors, cloud computing, and data science to monitor hardware and schedule equipment maintenance at the right time. The solution reduced “No Fault Found” instances by nearly 90%.


IoT proficiency and diverse tech stack

Our IoT solutions control quality and consistency of production, track assets in warehouses, monitor crops’ health on the farms, and much more. We have experience in IoT-friendly programming languages like C/C++, Java, Go, Parasail, Python, Assembly, B#, JavaScript. Centurion engineers have experience in prime platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, etc.

Solutions for device connectivity and sensors

IoT has broad application in numerous industries, and Centurion helps companies use this technology to its full potential. Our IoT engineers create embedded solutions that utilize various communication interfaces and networking protocols like NFC, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Low Energy. We build scalable software architectures that you can easily integrate with additional sensors, smart devices, applications, and third-party software.

Smart solutions and embedded systems

Nearshore development teams at Centurion build smart solutions based on our vast experience in embedded hardware prototyping and development of connected systems. Our IoT experts guide clients through every delivery stage: from prototyping to development to post-delivery support. We also build connected solutions on top of the existing IoT platforms extending their functionality.

Hardware design and prototyping

Embedded software development

Building scalable backend systems

IoT cloud services

Developing Human-Machine Interfaces

Predictive maintenance with data science