Professional support of your business.


Innovative approach

An innovative approach, which is reflected in our slogan, characterizes the company's ability to find non-standard solution for any complex problems, carry out innovative projects and research. IT-centurion is perseverance in search, flexibility in decisions, stability in results.


Big Data

Showing companies the effect of Big Data Analytics and its further usage brings significant benefits to the owners and gives more opportunities for their business.

Internet of Things Solutions

Building custom IoT solutions for smart homes, vehicles, personal devices, wearables industrial factories etc. Our engineers create unique Internet of Things solutions connecting devices, sensors, cloud computing and advanced analytical tools.

Enterprise Mobility

Full cycle development of enterprise mobile solutions from architecture to back-end, front-end and quality control.

Digital Transformation

Providing end-to-end digital transformation services powered by the vast engineering expertise and the latest technological innovations.

Customer Communications Management

CCM is an integrated set of solutions to design, deploy, deliver and manage interactions with customers across a variety of businesses.

Machine Learning & AI

Utilizing machine learning, artificial intelligence and neural networks in the development of self-taught enterprise solutions.

Business Intelligence

Developing secure, scalable and manageable solutions using a wide stack of Business Intelligence technologies and tools to transform raw data into valuable insights.

Data Science

Creating complex analytics systems to support competitive intelligence with the help of modern methods of data collection, analysis and processing.

UI/UX Design and Development

Effective user interfaces for innovative software products with focus on business needs.

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